Lollipop Stick Family

Hi everyone,

Are you having a good week?

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to you about some photos of old projects that I had found in the files. These are some decorated lollipop sticks that I made back in 2016. I can’t believe it was that long ago but that’s the date on the file. I made this project for Mixed Up Mag and I think enough time has passed now for me to be able to share it.

Rather than doing a full explanation I thought I would share lots of photos.


I glued the sticks onto painted skewers just for display purposes. The base is a coaster painted and some holes drilled in.

To start off with I painted some wooden lollipop sticks

and then stamped the images using Black permanent ink. Staz-on or Archival Ink work well.

I inked up the stamp and lay the stick on top of the inky image and pressed lightly.

Just to share. I do find that putting a piece of double sided tape on the back of the stick helps to lift it off the inked up stamp.

You can use whatever part of the stamps image you like. I like to mask off the stamps when inking them up. I get in an inky mess otherwise! 🙂

Once you have stamped one image you can stamp the rest. Mask off the stamped image and any part of the stick that you do not want an image to appear.

All stamped

To colour the image I use felt pens and a damp paint brush. Just dot some ink where you are going to colour and then blend with a damp paint brush. I do find that adding the dark and light colours at the same time and blending works better. If you try and add the darker colour later with the damp brush you can take the other colours off as well.

All coloured in the same way

Close up of the detail


Because these are painted with felt pen ink I popped them all in a box and sprayed them with a fixative.

I like to cover the reverse with pretty papers. I glued the stamped stick to some pretty papers, let it dry and then trimmed around the edge.

I love decorating sticks. I think next time I will paint them with acrylic ink and see what they turn out like.

Thank you for looking.

Flo x


  1. Alice

    Wow wow wow!!! Stunning! LOVE them!!!!
    I remember your lollipop sticks years ago, when I won a prize from CI :D… They were fabulous as these, and I always said that one day I want try this cool technique! 🙂
    Love so very much how these turned out, and thanks so much for all these tricks about the process!! Very useful! Love the stamped you used and they look great also in black and white, but your colouring is amazing!
    Great idea cover the back with pretty paper, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. corinne Rollet

    Hi Flo!
    I love them all to bits, and the idea to display them together on a coaster is so GENIUS!!!
    Adorable make, and very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing all your tips as usual.
    Happy Sunday, lots of hugs
    Coco xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Flo Langley

    A huge, huge thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and kind words. I can’t tell you how much they are appreciated. Hugs to all.. Beverly, Zowie, Sylvie, Jannet, Linda, Alice, Ali, Pippa, Coco and Gio.
    Flo xx



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