Boxed ATCs part 2

Hi everyone,

A quick little post today to share another set of ATCs.

I made a little box to pop them in, similar to the previous ATC set on the previous post here.


ATC backgrounds with lots of paint layers, marks, splatters and stamping.

All wrapped up in a little box.

For the backgrounds of the ATCs I used Crafty Individuals A4 Glossy sheet ATC1
Some images from Crafty Individuals Mini image books, some of their new stamps and some tiny little key charms.

I recently made some cards with Crafty Individuals new rubber stamps including the owls and the hare which can be seen on my card blog here.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

17 thoughts

  1. Beautifully designed cards and box, Flo, lovely colours and images.
    I bought the hare, owletts and larger owl,and looking forward to inking them up, hope you are having a good weekend, Kate x x

    1. Hi Beverley. Thanks for calling in. I can understand why people would think… what? A couple of years ago (probably more than a couple!!) my lovely friend and fellow blogger called the Ali – the crafty trog had a brilliant idea of keeping these to use as inspirational cards. Ideas for future projects. Reminders of techniques, colour combos or just ideas to bounce around. I thought that was such a great idea. They are really small so they don’t take up storage space. I like to keep them in a box for safe keeping. ATCs are really fun to make so I can see why they are popular. Take care, Flo x

      1. They really are perfect for inspirational cards, which can be kept anywhere – purse, pocket, car, bedside, etc. When I use to “sell” at craft shows, I remember making such pretty items, and one time beautifully decorated boxes. So many people came up to my table admiring them, but saying, “these are so pretty, but what would I use them for?” I would be amazed and aggravated at the same time – really? Put scarves in them, or jewelry, or saved letters, or mementos, or just decorate the room with them…think people, think!

        By the way, Flo, I love the little boxes you make to hold the cards!

  2. This project is just delicious, Flo!! All the ATCs are amazing and love how you put them all together in the little box!

  3. I love your Atc’s Flo. I have swapped many over the years and keep them in clear pages with pockets in, in several ringbinders. I love to look back over them to see how ideas have changed

    1. Thank you so much Glennis. Ring binders are a fabulous idea. I agree with you they are great to look back on. What is quite good fun to do is turn them upside down just to confuse the brain a little ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s surprising how many ideas pop into your head when you do this. Great when the old mojo is lacking ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care, Hugs Flo xx


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