Mini Fun Book

Hi everyone,

I have just been rudely awoken by the smoke alarm.  5 a.m!!  What is it thinking. Not sure what set it off. I have had a good look around.  I smoke like a chimney but not even a murmur from it.  Well I am up now so I thought I would post this book thingy.  Not sure what to call it. A journal is going to far.  Lets call it a “fun with paint book!”

I was given the book by Crafty Individuals to use for samples for the Hochanda show last month.  I took half of the pages out, decorated them and then glued them back in to the remaining pages.

All the pages have been decorated using Crafty Individuals’ mini images, stamps and paint.


I used a die to make a foam leaf spray stamp and used it on the gelli plate to create the background and added the mini image, small frame and postage mark.

I used a TH boarder die to make a foam stamp for this one. Added some plastic lid circles, some credit card lines, paint splatters and used a die to cut out the mini image of the butterfly.

Same as the last, I used a TH die to make a foam stamp for the gelli plate, circle paint rings, paint splatters and I used a die to cut out the mini images.

This one shows the die cut foam stamp better. I really like using them on the gelli plate. I cut the shape out of one piece of foam and then glued it to another blank piece of foam.  Crafty Individuals mini image and stamped words.

I used CI mini images and Stamp sets Build a Meadow CI 395  and  You Are A Star CI 469. 

Gelli plate background, plastic lid circles and credit card lines with a die cut Ci mini image.

I used a gelli plate and stencil on the background and then mini image, blank frame and words from You are a Star Stamp set as mentioned above.

CI mini images, words from You Are a Star and floral pattern created using Inky Borders CI 451.

Gelli plate and stencil background. Mini image bumble bee and using stamp sets: You Are A star CI 469 and More Vintage Ephemera CI 469,

Sponged lines and credit card lines plus a mini image.

Gelli plate and stencil background, mini image plus CI stamps Inky boarders and Your are a star as mentioned above.

Gelli plate stencil and foam stamped background with plastic lid circles with the addition of a mini image and some stamping using CI Inky Borders and You Are a Star.

Geli plate background using a stencil and stamped with CI Inky Script Background CI 436, a mini image and a few scraps.

That’s it! Yey! It’s like when you go on holiday and keep saying are we there yet!  Finished!

Thanks for looking. Have a fantastic weekend.

Flo x


  1. Kate

    Absolutely gorgeous and so creative Flo, the colours and designs are beautifully done. I love how you’ve included the little toppers into the page design. I have some of these and have never used them, thanks for the inspiration. Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend, Kate x x

  2. Alice

    Oh, wow, it’s great seeing your mini book made with the gelli pages and your own foam stencils! I have made some too, last year, even with styrofoam and a lot of bit&pieces :D. Love the circles and the credit card lines!
    The tiny images are so cute and enjoy seeing you used scraps 😀
    Thanks for sharing the tip to glue half page of the book to the remanent!
    The faux alarm was a happy accident, if you shared this! 😀 LOL

  3. Marianne

    Flo, these pages are very creatively designed. Your effects are beautiful – with the color and the way you used the scraps, the stamps and splatter effects. Scraps can be quite effective I awoke extra early today, as well. I think your accidental alarm was no accident, and I think as the day progresses you will discover your getting up early was a good thing. Have a lovely rest of the weekend, sweet friend.

    Marianne xox


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