A box of butterflies

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and not suffering too much in the heat wave that has hit the UK.

I had forgotten a few projects I made for Crafty Individuals a while ago, I think back in April, so I thought I would write a quick post and share a few over the next week.

Here is today’s little project. Nothing earth stopping or sensational but it was easy and fun to make.

and then when opened

The outside of the covers and topper of this little book is some old packaging covered with pretty CI paper.

I also used half a sheet of pretty paper and stamped some script and postage marks to make the folding page.

Crafty Individuals stamps used: French Script CI 017 and More Vintage Ephemera CI 469.

Crafty Individuals papers – Ride the Carousel.

Thank you for looking.

Stay cool.

Flo x


  1. Cocofolies

    A sweet project indeed Flo!! Beautifully and cleverly done.
    Love this large butterfly, it’s really a beautiful one!
    Sending hugs, hope you’re not too hot. Coco xxx

  2. Marianne

    Darling idea, Flo. It’s so pretty and fluttery with the butterfly going up the pages. Thank you for sharing. Yes, keep coo, my friendl. In southeast Texas, we’ve been blessed with a more mild than usual summer, but my family up north in New Jersey are experiencing weather in the 100s…so it’s a bit backward this year. We have had high humidity, though, but the last two days a cool front came through and it has me very perky. I feel for you in the UK because I know you are not used to it being very hot and when you do get a “wave” of it, it’s unbearable. I still haven’t gotten used to the high heat and humidity and I’ve lived in Texas for over 40 years. Blowing you a cool breeze with hugs attached from across the ocean.

    Marianne xo

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Marianne. After 20 years of Spanish Summers….its cool! lol! We now live by the coast in the UK so there is the humidity aspect. Not keen!! Rain is forecast for tomorrow and then the temperature should drop down again. The heat over in the UK has caused train delays due to the heating of the steel of the tracks. You know, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we have all of this wonderful technology, computers and advancements but when the weather plays up for a day either abnormal heat, heavy rain or snow things come to a grinding halt. Mother nature will always be boss. Hugs Flo xx

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Flo, absolutely gorgeous project. Butterflies are always winners and along with with the CI papers great combination.
    We are melting here it’s 9 o’clock and it’s 27 degrees, just not used to this heat.
    Makes you wonder how countries like India managed to run trains, Spain too probably, where there’s intense heat, our system closes down with heat,snow and even leaves, makes me laugh. Anyway hope you are well and keeping cool, Kate x x

  4. Barbara Lindsey

    So very pretty Florence. My UK relatives have been suffering through the heat this year, but as you mention the humidity is worse. Hope you get a nice cool change soon.

  5. gio

    Thinking you’re wrong…these are sensational !! Pure perfection and sweetnes, I love them to bits.
    Well you can guess how hot is here in Italy 😉


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