The masquerade ball

Hi everyone,

Another digi project this evening. As there are enough horrors around at the moment I thought I would make a fun spooky project to mark the date.

Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus

I’ve just realised, I have a similar hair cut as this gal! Do not believe the youtube videos!!! 🙂 It’s not that easy to cut your own hair. Have you seen those locked down hair cuts on youtube. They are so funny. I like the bits on the videos where they say “cut into the ends to add texture its easy”. Mmmm… it didn’t quite work out how I imagined it would.

Some of you already know about this. My hair cutting experiment started about 8 weeks ago. I thought what the heck who is going to see me and who really cares anyway. Preparation is key! 🙂 I looked at loads of youtube videos on hair cutting and thought how hard can it be! That was the first mistake 🙂 I chopped a bit here and there. I was aiming for a short funky cut…. a bit like Judy Dench but it turned out more like Jason Donavon from the 80’s!!! Yep, the “mullet”. So I chopped a bit more and a bit more. In my delusional state I thought not too bad. As luck would happen it didn’t take long to grow, unfortunately, not that evenly. I thought no problem, I am an old hand at this now!! Yep still delusional 🙂 I will have another go and just trim it up. Not having learnt the first time, I tried some more of the “texturising” but that wasn’t the worst. I found the thinning scissors!! 🙂 Oooo! New tools I thought! I got very excited at the prospect. With a gleam in my eye (a rather manic look if I am honest) and in the belief I could pull off some really short trendy look….I chopped and chopped some more……OMG It’s such a mess!!!! LOL! I quite like the spikey fringe though. Oh, yes, that was another technique I learnt cutting up into it 🙂 Would I do it again? Absolutely! If only for a giggle. It’s been quite liberating really. Has anyone else succumbed to a DIY lockdown hair cut?

The thing is. You know all of the silly little unimportant things that we seem to worry about…lose sleep over in fact. They really are not that important.

Have a great weekend. Do something daft and have a laugh. For me, I am going to practice my new found skills on Freddie!! 🙂

Thank you for looking.

Stay safe,

Flo x


  1. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven

    Morning Florence, fabulous page, love the image and design. Not even attempted to cut my own hair, I would end up shaving the whole lot off. I have short hair at the moment so if we do go into lockdown once again I think I will just let it be. Have a great weekend.
    Linda xxx

  2. Kate

    Oh Flo I’m just chuckling whilst reading about your venture into hairdressing. Now you know why it takes a hairdressing junior so long to train lol.
    I’ve not cut my own, but Alistair wanted me to do his, and right enough it was unruly, but I think it was more to do with savings money. Anyhoo, I bought clippers and having watched a ton of you tube videos, I began, was doing okay, then got carried away with my success….then I over did one side and poor man was left a tad shorned. However, he took it in his stride saying its okay as I wear my hat. Even although barbars are open, he still wants me to keep it trimmed… about a skinflint lol.

    A couple of weeks ago I braved it and went to the hairdressers and had my long hair cut off, I had been growing it for 6 years., just below my chin now, no regrets, but it takes time to style.

    Anyway, your digital work is fabulous, what a strange image, and I find it more spooky than spooky. Have a lovely weekend, hug Kate xx

  3. Barbara Lindsey

    Hahaha, I know just how it went because I’ve been there too. My dilemma was the back, I managed the sides of my short bob quite well but what about the back, oh my, it looked just awful, but after a few months not so bad. I agree, have a laugh, do something daft. I also really like your digi project.


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